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4 Quadrants of VA Possibilities

It's important to understand that as a business owner, it is crucial to employ personnel that is efficient and affordable for you and your business.

Of course, you're gonna be thinking that if you get domestic personnel they're probably more efficient and they know what they're doing - well, you're wrong.

Virtual assistants from the Philippines are able to do a lot of different things. It's just understanding what you need within your business. Identifying the pain points and bottlenecks in your business is the first step to having an effective relationship with virtual assistants.

What processes do you need to excuse yourself from so you can focus on other things? In what area will your business improve at from hiring another employee? What aspect of your business would you like to grow? These are all factors that a Filipino virtual assistant could help you in.

That said, there are 4 quadrants of possibilities that virtual assistants can work in.

Brand Awareness

The first quadrant is Brand Awareness, and this could be anything from video editing, web design, paid ads, SEO, social media management or even graphic design. Basically, anything that involves giving exposure to your brand or any effort that concerns marketing fall under the first quadrant.

Appointment Setting

The second quadrant is Appointment Setting. This could be organic lead generation through cold email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and cold calling, which works extremely well for people in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry.

As a business owner, setting appointments and booking meetings yourself is simply valuable time wasted on yourself, especially when you could have a virtual assistant do it for you. This is very important because once you do that math, you'll realize that your time is worth a lot more than your average employee, and hiring a Filipino virtual assistant as an alternative exponentially increases your savings.

Backend support

Backend support, where a majority of our clients start is the third quadrant. And the reason for it is because an administrative assistant fall under this quadrant.

For backend support, you've got administrative assistant, bookkeeping and technical support specialist. Basically, anything that is going to help the operation continue to flow at a high level, even without your supervision, falls within this quadrant.

Customer Support

The fourth and last quadrant is customer support. Recommended for service-based businesses, onboarding specialists, or even a client service representative, it is the customer support representative's duty to make sure that your current clients are happy. On top of that, they make sure that concerns and inquiries are addressed in a timely manner.

Customer support is very important because good business deals don't just stop after making a sale. In fact, keeping customer and client relations on a positive note is an ideal way to boost your company's growth and sale potential. This is because it is believed that to date, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing - one that's most likely to convert into a sale.


Obviously, a virtual assistant can do a lot of different things within your business it's just understanding what role they need to play within it and how they can help you reach your goals and reach that next level.

That said, next time you are ready to hire another member for your team, think internationally - think the Philippines. Open yourself up to the idea of hiring Filipino virtual assistants because they're a lot more affordable but just as efficient. With proper training and the appropriate hiring criteria, they're an excellent way for you to scale your business.

Filipino are incredibly loyal people, and very much well-mannered. On top of that, they're committed to growing within your company. So it is very important to understand that among the number of possible ways for you to scale your business, these are the 4 quadrants of possibilities of virtual assistants and now you know what it means.

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