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Case Studies

We take a lot of pride in what we do and how we do it, which has allowed us to work with some of the top brands in their respective industries. Take a look at some of our clients.

We worked with Brendan Kane and his team over at HOOKPOINT with the goal of placing quality creative talent. We found a video editor and copywriter from the Philippines that did the trick, as they were able to assist the HOOKPOINT team in continuing the growth of their brand.

Brendan Kane is one of the top digital influencer strategists in the world, building platforms for celebrity clients, like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katie Couric and Michael Strahan. He's also worked with Fortune 500 companies, such as MTV, Viacom, Paramount and Vice.

We worked with the team at Kennected to help place quality technical support specialists and onboarding specialist from the Philippines. We placed several and were able to help Kennected scale their operations in line with their revenue growth.

Kennected offers innovative LinkedIn automation tools that allow users to scale their LinkedIn messaging outreach. They were recently featured on the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies.

We worked with Chris Turcotte, president at Centum Canada, to help find him an executive assistant and marketing professionals from the Philippines. After that proved successful, we were able to work with several of his franchisees on placing virtual assistants in their businesses.

Centum Financial Group Inc. is one of the largest national broker brands in Canada and is home to nearly 200 franchised mortgage locations with over 2,100 mortgage professionals across Canada. They focus on delivering the best home financing solutions for hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients.

We worked with Joey Carson, CEO at Elevator Studio, to help find him an executive assistant from the Philippines to help with email and calendar management. Joey is now able to get more done and work less.

Joey Carson is a 25-year veteran of the television industry and considered a pioneer in reality programming and an innovator in digital and mobile entertainment. He was previously chosen by the Producers’ Guild of America and The Hollywood Reporter as one of the “Digital 50”, new media producers and innovators shaping the future of digital storytelling via broadcast, games, interactive television and mobile content.

We worked with Isaac Hetzroni, CEO at Imprint Genius, to help find him a SEO Specialist from the Philippines. Isaac has now been able to leverage the skillsets of this individual to increase the brand awareness of Imprint Genius from a SEO perspective.

Imprint Genius has a mission to revolutionize an industry where many key players had grown complacent with merchandise marketing, in terms of both positive personal and negative environmental impacts. They recognize the opportunity to make merch more rewarding for everyone from-beginning-to-end, while offering companies a way to elevate their brands above the rest.

We worked with Linda Septien, CEO & Group President at Septien Entertainment, to find a virtual assistant to assist with social media management, email marketing, and lead generation. This person is now working on all of their social platforms, selling their programs and giving the amazing benefits of music.

Linda Septien is a music artist development professional with 25+ years of experience, whose success is measured by the number of successful pop icons she has helped launch into thriving careers. With over 15,000 students to her legacy, including branded icons Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Kacey Musgraves, Linda prides herself on her ability to recognize talent and create an effective development strategy to launch a branded artist.

We worked with Kim Yang, Managing Partner at Inbox Gorilla, to help her team find account representatives for client relation purposes and a copywriter for marketing purposes. We were able to find exceptional talent with management experience to lead their efforts and help them grow.

Inbox Gorilla is a team of marketing professionals who got sick and tired of wasting countless hours doing manual prospecting. So they created a systematic solution to consistently generate leads on autopilot. Then they started sharing it with other business owners, and have since helped 10,000+ customers automate their lead flow.

We worked with FitTalkers on helping them find a social media manager to manage their growing Facebook group, among other things, and we were able to find them an extremely talented individual within days. Not only have they been to leverage this person to grow their brand, but they also got back the time that was previously spent doing this themselves!

FitTalkers came together as a group of fitness professionals seeking to share the truth behind becoming fit and healthy. They realized that they could come together as one, with their different levels of expertise, in a more informative and effective way than they could alone.

We worked with Shane Sloan, Program Manager at Mobile Mentor, to find them a social media manager to assist with marketing and brand awareness efforts. Not only were we able to find him top talent within days, but we were about to remove Shane from having to do these tasks himself.

Founded in 2004, Mobile Mentor has enabled over 1,000,000 people to be more secure and more productive with their laptops, tablets, smartphones and apps. Their purpose is to empower people to achieve more by unlocking the full potential of their technology. With operations in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, Mobile Mentor is the remote partner for the remote workforce.

We worked with Ryan Hurry and the team at Mile62 Media on finding them a content creator to assist with graphic design and video editing. We were able to source an extremely talented individual for this hire, allowing Mile62 Media to continue delivering an incredible experience to their client base.

Mile62 Media creates content for athletes, author, and DTC brands that drives activation. With an extensive process involving listening, exploration, and design, Mile62 Media has placed themselves as leaders in digital asset management—thus, creating time, money, and abundance for their clients.

We worked with Kassandra Taggart, Co-Founder at RPM Last Frontier, on sourcing a few different positions: customer service for landlords, customer service for tenants, marketing and assistance for the sales department, and maintenance coordinator. Sourcing these positions for RPM Last Frontier allowed their team to scale production while continuing to provide exceptional service to their clients.

With Real Property Management Last Frontier, you can count on their local knowledge and expertise, supported by systems and processes developed over the past 25 years. Whether you own one rental home or several investment properties, their staff is prepared to meet the demands of property management, 24 hours a day.

We worked with Sara Webb and the team at InTandem Promotions on finding them several different positions centered around bookkeeping and marketing. Not only ​are Sara and her team now able to focus solely on business growth, but they're also able to remove themselves from mundane, day-to-day tasks.

InTandem Promotions is a woman-owned, WBENC certified organization that dives deep to connect deeper. InTandem has 20+ years of experience in the branding and product industry, and they know what it takes to make an impact. They’re here not only to secure you a great price, but to ensure you have a creative, memorable experience every time you use their products in your marketing efforts.

We worked with Lorne Shantz at Web Geeks on finding them an administrative assistant to help with administrative tasks and sales support. Not only has this allowed Lorne and his team to stay organized, but it's allowed them to focus on the necessary tasks and projects that will drive Web Geeks forward.

Whether you need more sales, more leads, new clients or new employees, Web Geeks will tell your story like no one else and deliver the best results. Their experts have an uncompromised commitment to understanding your business. It’s through this understanding that lets them capture your story—your most important asset. Their unique Brand Machine marketing program ensures you have the right website, the right SEO strategy and the right ad campaign in place. And they measure your success every step of the way.

+ hundreds more!

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