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Why Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants?

Character, skill, and English proficiency - these are what constitute the ideal virtual assistant, and qualities that employers should look at when hiring one.

The Philippines, despite its relatively small size, has consistently ranked as one of the best in many fields including sports, talent, and academe. There are also a number of Filipinos who have excelled in both business and technological innovations, giving the country a reputation full of promise and potential in developing fields of business.

Filipinos make the perfect virtual assistants (VA) because they are a proven breed of talented and skillful people with high regard for passion and loyalty. The combination of a US business owner and a Filipino VA creates opportunities for growth and stability on both parties.

Cost Benefits

Virtual assistant generally cost $4 - $8 an hour. This may seem low for an hourly wage, but the difference in cost of living between the US and the Philippines makes that rate reasonable, and in most cases generous.

The minimum hourly wage in the Philippines is equal to $0.82 - $1.39, which equates to less than $12 per day. This means that if you have a Filipino VA working fulltime at $4 an hour, you'd be paying your VA $32 a day which is about $20 more than the set minimum wage at the capital.


We've taken this opportunity to service business owners whom we believe would benefit from virtual assistance, while providing job opportunities for Filipinos in need of a higher paying job to support their families. At the end of the day, we believe in a working culture where our clients and virtual assistants are both winners.

Background Knowledge in Western Culture

The Philippines is a country that is rich with traditions, and due to their history, a lot of it is influenced by Western culture. Their familiarity to it allows them to vibe well with their US employers, and establish a connection unlike with citizens from other nations.

This bond allows them to output projects and results that match the expectations of employers, which essentially boosts team morale. They also welcome and understand change, an unteachable trait that's pivotal in business.

English Proficiency

Filipinos are the best for outsourcing jobs because of their English proficiency and literacy. In fact, the Philippines is ranked as one of the best countries for business English - one of their fine traits that make them the ideal candidate for virtual assistance.

Of course, speaking an entirely different language from the native tongue will cause a difference in accent which shouldn't be a problem as long as you are able to communicate clearly. In fact, we place a lot of inbound and outbound sales representatives for the real estate industry.


As the virtual workforce is growing in popularity, the Filipino community is consistently at the top of list for US based companies seeking remote employees. The driving factor in this is their "get it done" attitude. Virtual assistants in the Philippines tend to be problem solvers, meaning you can be at peace expecting them to get the job done.

You should hire a Filipino virtual assistant because through effort and time, they have proven themselves to be skillful, adaptable, and loyal. At Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency, we have worked with virtual assistants from all over, and the Filipino community continues to be our main source for top tier virtual assistant placement.

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