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Social Media Manager - A Super Virtual Assistant

In the realm of virtual assistants, a social media manager is the closest employee that you'll get to a personal assistant.

Often regarded as an all-in-one virtual assistant, they serve as the marketing powerhouse for your company. Their role covers administrative, creative, and technical tasks that make them extremely valuable to a lot of business.

That said, not all social media VAs are for everyone because a good social media manager acts as an extended version of yourself in your online platforms to be able to accurately and effectively establish your company's branding.

What does a social media manager do?

As the name suggests, their primary function is to promote your company branding and establish a voice to your audience through your social media platforms. They do this by creating content on your social media accounts and actively participating in the comments section. What this does is it boosts the engagement on your profile and pages, increasing its overall ranking in the channel. This is especially important once you decide to run paid ads for your business since a higher ranking not only shows your content to a lot more people, but also increases your conversion rate as it shows it to the correct and more appropriate audience - those who are most likely to pay for your product or service.

Among their many responsibilities, they also act as an administrator or moderators in your private groups and channels, ensuring a high-quality and professional environment where your business is concerned.

Skills of a good social media manager?

Communication skills and social media literacy would need to be the top two on the list. As a social media manager, being able to communicate well simply isn't enough. One would need to be familiar with most, if not all, mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or even YouTube.

That said, if you want your virtual presence to be fruitful, your social media manager would need to be good at research to be able to keep up with trends, varying factors of interests, or even how to make a platform's algorithm favor your channel. While it may appear that your social media usage is casual, your purpose for it would certainly need to be technical in order to get the most value out of it.

Lastly, given the number of information and amount of traffic to deal with, a commendable management skill would be needed from your virtual assistant.

How do I find the right one for me?

While it's true that all kinds business would benefit from hiring a social media manager, not all great social media virtual assistants is right for you. For starters, for a social media manager to be efficient, he or she would need to be familiar with your industry. The next requirement would be knowing your audience. How good is knowing what to say if who you're saying it to won't understand you? The last would have to be character. As an acting powerhouse for your marketing efforts, your virtual assistant would need to be able to embody your company's voice and visions.

There's no better maneuver than to invest in oneself, learn new skills and harness old ones. Social media managers are considered the super virtual assistants because they are capable of running as a one-man-team - the ultimate powerhouse.

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