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Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants Makes Sense Financially

Employing virtual assistants is the driving force that gives companies the potential to boost productivity and increase sales. With all their value, Filipino virtual assistants offer the added benefit of being cost-efficient - delivering more work for significantly fewer dollars per hour.

Hiring offshore Filipino virtual assistants makes sense financially, especially if you assess their value through performance (the quality of their work), productivity (how fast they work), and time (how much time they give to your business).

That said, here are a few reasons why Filipino virtual assistants make sense financially, and why you should hire one now:


The average salary for a US employee is about $50,000, which equates to around $960 weekly, minus tax. For that amount of money, you could have a team of 6 Filipino virtual assistants working for your business full-time at $4 per hour. That's an extra 200 hours for your business per week for the same amount of money. Compared to hiring a US employee, even as a virtual assistant, a reasonable salary would be nowhere near that price.

Your time is more valuable

The average salary for Filipino virtual assistants ranges from $4 - $8 per hour, which is justified and fairly competitive in comparison to their declared average wages. It's also worth noting that as the required skills become more specific and technical in nature, the expected salary also increases. The reason for this salary rate is the country's relative cost of living, which is significantly less compared to that of the US.

As a business owner, it's no question that your time is valuable, but calculating the net worth of your time may be something that can be quite tricky to do. An easy way to start is to assess how much time you spend for a client from start to finish, and then divide that number by how much it's worth. The general idea is that a virtual assistant would cost significantly less than your computed hourly worth in relation to your business.

The good thing about this is even though you're spending money to pay for your employee, the expected return is increasing your available time. This allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business, and give you the potential to increase revenue and income. As you scale, you become more and more pivotal to success. And this is why big names such as Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk cost so much for their time.


Filipino virtual assistants are worth it because of the scalability they're able to provide by working for you. You can always start by delegating simple business tasks. Hire a social media manager to handle your social platforms and accommodate your daily needs - activities that usually take time. These are tasks that generally uplift the company's branding but bring little to no significant short-term impact on the business - perfect tasks to outsource to a VA.

Need someone to manage your finances? Hire a bookkeeper. Keep track of your inbound and outbound financial transactions to have a better understanding of where your company is at in terms of growth and scalability. Collating transactions and records is tedious work, and no one really likes doing it despite of its importance. So why do it yourself when you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you?

Feel the need to reach out to a broad audience and expand your marketing efforts? Hire a cold caller. Filipino virtual assistants actually excel in English communication, so you can have one do the prospecting for you and reach out to leads themselves. This way, you're able to extend your reach in the market while still making yourself available for other executive or managerial duties.

Filipino virtual assistants bring in a lot of value for much less cost, and hiring them is a decision that is justified in a financial aspect. For what they're worth, you're getting more things done for your business, the quality of your output is much better, and you'll be at ease from the amount of time you're able to free yourself from. On top of that, they're skilled but teachable, and most importantly, they're committed to what they do.

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