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Having Fruitful Meetings With Your Virtual Assistants

Working in a remote and virtual setup is an opportunity appreciated by both business owners and employees. As such, making the frequent virtual meetings count can be more impactful than you think.

Meetings that are brief, detailed, and on point all at the same time can actually boost teamwork and improve productivity - especially for a team composed of virtual assistants.

When a meeting actually serves its purpose without taking too much time, it only makes sense that the people involved will have a positive sense of direction and jumpstart for all tasks left unfinished.

So how do you exactly host meetings like this?

It's not actually hard - just stay your course, keep it simple, and be respectful to your colleagues. By keeping things this way, you'd be doing your team, your business, and yourself a favor.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Virtual setups being so new, have no standard rules and regulations, but there are etiquettes to keep us and everyone else in check. Such etiquettes include:

  • turning on your camera
  • dressing up accordingly
  • answering questions promptly
  • refraining from speaking simultaneously
  • avoiding background noises
  • not doing other work
  • showing up on time
  • coming prepared

These are little things that matter a lot because they affect the flow of virtual meetings. If a team member isn't aware of the etiquette that you'd like to be followed, it is important that you let that virtual assistant know. The great thing about Filipino virtual assistants is that they are sensitive, but they know how to take criticism or correction. In fact, they'll even appreciate you for it.

So that's pretty much it for respect. How about time?


If you think about it, recurring meetings are paid time that your virtual team isn't doing work, and that's isn't a bad thing! If you have a champion's mindset, you'll come to appreciate the value of hosting these meetings because it's the only time you actually get to be with your team. So it is up to you to make it count.

With the little time that you have, you need to come up with an agenda and purpose for your meeting. It can be as small as asking for updates, or as big as discussing future concepts and plans. The one important thing you must not forget is to celebrate all kinds of wins and achievements. Virtual assistants don't like being in the spotlight, especially Filipinos, but they appreciate that you recognize their efforts and hard work. Congratulating them on a job well done is much-appreciated feedback on your team's behalf.

On that note, using your time wisely doesn't mean cutting your subjects short and lacking. With the little time that you have, you need to be able to discuss things in great detail but as briefly as possible. It sounds difficult, and it is, but this is a skill you'll need to learn if you want to be an effective leader.


Be the example you want your employees to become, and you'll become a positive influence on your team's performance and your business' success. Hosting fruitful and meaningful virtual meetings is a small step towards boosting your team's productivity and workflow, but it's a giant leap for empowering your company culture and developing yourself to become the business owner that you aspire to be.

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