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Growing With Your Business

Updated: Jul 9

You've just started your own business and you're as excited as anyone can be. You'll finally be the boss of your very own company, and it's honestly one of the best feelings you've ever experienced in your life - yet.

Whether or not you're driven by a comfortable lifestyle, you know to yourself that this is something that would do good things and create opportunities for you.

That said, you search in Google "What its like to be a business owner" and casually read on both the good and the bad in an attempt to boost your confidence. After a while, you read some more stuff about being a successful entrepreneur, your niche and industry, and the fear within you grows.

As you continue your research, you realize that this is something that you definitely want to do despite its risks and challenges. And in surpassing that fear, you've allowed yourself to grow and improve - from bummer to an amazing business owner.

Now, you're grown your business and you've scaled to more than you initially imagined. Suddenly, you find yourself in a position of having to do the same tasks over and over again. It feels like you're stuck in a routine that has caused you to lose enthusiasm over something you were once most excited about.

There's no more room for creativity, no time for yourself. And because of that, your growth has stunted - as a person and as a business owner.

So what do you do?

The simple answer is to create more time for yourself. You do this by delegating - you outsource those tasks you'd rather avoid or having difficulty doing. Sure, it might get uncomfortable at first especially since you're used to doing things yourself.

There's also trust, in which you fear that the person you assign the tasks to won't match your level of competence or quality of work. But despite these concerns, you still go for it - because you know that this is how you grow. And you did!

A couple years later, you're now working with a team that does the heavy-lifting of running your business for you, with you in charge of your company's growth and direction. You are the CEO of a prominent company, and you're as free as anyone can be.

No one even thought this was possible, not even you - until you transitioned your mindset from working hard to working smart.

Running a business is definitely one of the most time-consuming and uncomfortable, but it's also an undeniably satisfying experience anyone could ever imagine. You will always be presented with risks and big decision that could either make or break your career. But at the end of they day, you know to yourself that this is how you grow, until you reach a point where you become comfortable being uncomfortable - then it becomes a lifestyle of appreciating the grind.

The next thing you know, you're on the front cover of a famous magazine, leading the biggest business in your industry.

You were able to grow your business exponentially by working less.

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