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About VASA

We're here to help you grow your virtual team

Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency (VASA) powers businesses by sourcing Filipino virtual talent for administrative, technical, or creative work. Hundreds of paying organizations use VASA for their overseas staffing needs so they can grow faster.

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Our story is your story. You want to be free. You want to grow. You want to make a difference. We want the same thing.

The start

When founders Brady Morgan and John Trusty first partnered together, it was on a fractional CFO startup. They needed assistance with day-to-day duties, so they decided to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines. They soon discovered that the companies that were providing these services had inconsistent sourcing methods and poor client experience, so they decided to jump on the opportunity to create change in the virtual assistant industry.

Thus VASA was born—with a goal of simplifying the overseas staffing process, educating on the foundation of effectively managing these employees, and providing a stellar client experience.

Each of our values is aligned with what will guide us to achieve our mission: To help businesses grow, save time, and increase profits with virtual talent.

Nothing Change If Nothing Changes

If we don't make the necessary pivots at the necessary times, our growth will either plateau or remain stagnant.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

We must have patience in the pursuit of our long-term goals, but we must have urgency in the day-to-day tasks / projects.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We must utilize systems and processes to work smarter. Additionally, we must only focus on the tasks / projects that truly matter.


We must take ownership, not only for the positives, but also for the negatives. We must take a conscious approach to continuously improving in areas that aren't our strengths.

Strategic Alignment

We must strategically align ourselves to win in the future.

Undeniable Value

No matter what, we must exhibit undeniable value in the way we deliver our services, handle our clients, and portray our company.

Consistent Discipline

It's easy to be disciplined. It's hard to be disciplined consistently. We must be consistent in our daily, weekly, and monthly actions.

Client Obsession

Delivering an optimal client experience is of the utmost importance. We must constantly innovate in how we approach the client experience.

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